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Bachelorette Parties: Economical Bachelorette Supplies

I know how you feel in this economy, planning bachelorette parties and taking on more expenses, even though this is a fun and memorable event with the girls! We all could use some savings which is why we created this economical bachelorette party supplies page to help with how to save money and still have a lot of great products. Below we have listed the top bachelorette supplies that can be found under $3.99 (yes you can still purchase fun and cheap supplies for bachelorette parties that will not break the bank). Our suggestion is to get in touch with all the girls chipping in for the bachelorette supplies and see if everyone can spend $10.00 each. This would mean you would have $80.00 for bachelorette supplies if you had 8 girls going. The most awesome thing about this amount is that you would qualify for free shipping, a free gift and no sales tax from our recommended bachelorette party ( site. Here are the top low cost bachelorette favors below:

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies
Top Pick - Bachelorette Party Mints #2 Bachelorette Party Straws #3 Bachelorette Male Stripper Pens

Bachelorette Party Supplies

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Party Straws

Bachelorette Party Supplies- Stripper Pens

There is nothing like a mint for after dinner or when you are unsure if your dragon breath will scare away the bridesmaids or dancing boys you flirt with. Having these very reasonable bachelorette party mints will take away the spice while also sweeten any bachelorette party.

You can also use them as bachelorette decorations on tables. Get some for all the girls at the low cost of 12-15 cents each.

These are the top bachelorette supply because there is always some type of drinking at any bachelorette party. What better than to drink from a willie straw.

There are many types of straws and you can find them at The straws pictured are a party favorite and are under $5.00 for a pack of 10 (really .50 cents each). You can also use them as bachelorette party decorations or magic wands to scare away the creepy guys.

Remember those pens that men used to turn up and down and the girl would lose her clothes. There is now a version of it with a male hunk that strips when you turn the pen upside down!

Get one for each of the girls as these pens only cost $1.99.

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies

Almost Free Bachelorette Party Supplies

#4 Bachelorette Bubbles

#5 Bachelorette Suckers

#6 Bachelorette Shot Glasses

Bachelorette Party Supplies - Party Favors Bachelorette Party Supplies - Suckers Bachelorette Party Supplies - Bachelorette Party Shot Glass

Everyone loves bubbles, including bachelorette parties! You and the girls will enjoy filling the room with bubbles when using these willie shaped bubble dispensers.

Get one for each bachelorette and blow away. Great for in home parties, bars, restaurants or being at a pool or spa!

Besides blowing, everyone loves sucking suckers, especially these bachelorette favorite candies. These bachelorette suckers come in multi colors and are only .95 cents each. They are great to give each bachelorette and can also be used as bachelorette party decorations.

Great to get and place in bachelorette party goodie bags for each bachelorette. You will be everyone's hero when you hand these bachelorette party candies out the girls, especially after dinner or going into a bar.

Staying on the drinking and eating theme, the bachelorette colored shot glass is a bachelorette favorite. For only $2.69 each, get one for each girl and do a bunch of bachelorette toasts to the bride-to-be (And everyone else).

These durable bachelorette shot glasses can also be used to hold small bachelorette candy. If you want to be naughty, fill them up with Kahlua and Milk or get a BJ shot. You are in for a memorable time.

Bachelorette Parties - Economical Bachelorette Supplies
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We hope you get some ideas from our economical bachelorette supplies section. Please email us with any bachelorette party supply ideas you may have at We look forward to hearing from you soon and remember to order your bachelorette party supplies early.




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