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For those of you planning bachelorette parties, we have listed the top bachelorette location ideas to choose from. We have planned thousands of bachelorette parties over the years and have asked bachelorettes which is their favorite places to visit on their Last Night Out. Wherever you go, make sure to plan ahead, dress according to the weather at your destination and bring enough bachelorette party essentials to make the bachelorette party location and event as stress free as possible. Here are the top bachelorette party location ideas listed in order of popularity:

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Home bachelorette parties Mexico Chicago

In this economy, it is just as popular (if not more popular) having bachelorette parties at home! Dress up the room in your favorite bachelorette supplies and decorations. Play some really fun bachelorette party games and open the bubbly. Bachelorette parties at home are great since it is more of a warm and personal party. There are not as many distractions or bachelorettes getting separated since you are all under one roof. You can also split up the party events by having home party and then going to a local bar or restaurant. Check out our bachelorette party entertainment ideas for more on this.

Mexico bachelorette parties are for those who want to have fun in the sun while getting away from it all. Choose Cancun, Acapulco, or Mazatlan. Have a ball with you and the bachelorettes drinking tequila, going out partying and enjoying the great nightlife! Just don’t drink the water (except bottle water) and make sure to pack your bathing suites! A great way to enjoy the winter in somewhere hot and spicy! Bachelorette parties in mexico are the most memorable.

If you enjoy the windy city, a little cold weather and amazing bars, restaurants and nightlife, check out having bachelorette parties in Chicago. Chicago is known for their fine bachelorette party entertainment, especially their Chicago male review.

If you like bars, there are the best places to hang with the bachelorettes and reasonable accommodations downtown which will make for a memorable bachelorette party in Chicago.

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Away Bachelorette Parties in a Hotel

Go Tropical

Yippie Ki Yay Bachelorettes. Nothing is as big as having your bachelorette parties in the yellow rose state of Texas. There are multiple cities that are fun to party in, whether you choose Austin and Dallas. Visit South Padre Island, Gulf Coast, Hill County and many more places that are hot for spring break and for bachelorette parties!

Have some southern hospitality as you and the bachelorettes party in the fun and fine b-b-q and great eatin. Our favorite place is partying on 6th Street in Austin since there are so many places of live music and bars all in one area! A highly recommended site for bachelorette parties.

Pamper yourself and your bachelorettes by getting away at a local hotel or at a far away destination. Bachelorette parties at hotels are fun since you can find places that are walking distance from nightlife so you can party without the worries of driving and have a nice quiet hotel to walk back to.

Especially for those bacheorette’s living with families or kids, a fun bachelorette ends with some great quiet sleep in a hotel bed with maid service!

There is nothing like bachelorettes, warm weather, crystal clear ocean and warm weather (along with an umbrella fruit cocktail). We highly recommend going tropical for your bachelorette parties if you have the funds and everyone is interested. A tropical bachelorette party destination will make everyone smile but make sure to bring the sunscreen, hats and cute clothes. Tropical destinations don’t have to be expensive (in Los Angeles, go to Palm Springs or Mexico; In NY go to the Bahamas or Florida; in Texas or down south, visit Cozumel or the Caymen Islands). You can never go wrong with a tropical last night out!

Be sure to check out Florida Hardbodies for your bachelorette party male entertainment!

Bachelorette Party Location Ideas
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We hope these bachelorette party locations give you some ideas on where to travel for your bachelorette parties! Send your locations ideas for us to place up at




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