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Bachelorette Parties
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Bachelorette PartiesBachelorette Parties
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Part of the fun of bachelorette parties is what type of bachelorette party entertainment you decide to partake in during your last night out! Some go for the typical and symbolic bachelorette parties while others go for more creative ideas! A big part of which bachelorette entertainment idea you go with is how many bachelorette parties you have been to as you don't want to do the same old thing every time one of your friends has a bachelorette party. The most important thing to remember is to ask the bachelorette what  her favorite ideas are prior to just deciding for the masses; remember it is about the bride-to-be and not the bachelorettes. Below we have listed some of the top ideas for bachelorette parties as well as some more creative thinking ideas.

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Hire an Adult Star Extreme Sports Hire The Celebrity DJ Chef

Bachelorette Parties - Hire an Adult Star

Bachelorette Party - Extreme Sports

Bachelorette Parties - Hire The Celebrity

Party like rock stars with you, the bachelorettes and Nick Manning, adult star! Dare to do something different by hiring Nick Manning, Vivid star who will make for a memorable bachelorette party!

Have Nick entertain, be the hunk chaperone, and party with you and the girls.

If the bachelorette is an adventure seeker, take her and the girls skydiving, bunji chord jumping, river rafting or some other extreme sport to increase your adrenaline. Make sure most of the girls want to go and let them know they can be a spectator as they drink martinis while watching the rest of you amp out! Make sure to take lots of great bachelorette party pictures.

The experience is similar to skydiving with the addition of a mesh trampoline floor and foam padded walls. They use a Vertical Wind Tunnel to produce an indoor skydiving experience, producing enough wind to support the weight of an average adult. Each flyer will attend a brief training class, suit up in all the necessary flight gear, then jump in the tunnel and fly. A great experience for bachelorette parties!

If you are looking for some unique and great entertainment, hire DJ Chef who will rock your night away with great tasting food and great sounding tunes! He is one of a kind and will make a memorable bachelorette party!

If you are looking to blow away your friends with some excellent entertainment, DJ Chef is where it is at! We highly recommend him!

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 16

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 17

Bachelorette Parties Entertainment Idea 18

Bachelorette Yoga Class

Indoor Kart Racing

Marathon Run for a Great Cause

There is nothing like some great exercise to increase your endorphins prior to going out on the town with the bachelorettes.

Take a yoga class and sweat away the calories while getting ready to have some martinis and fun out on the town.

A yoga class will stimulate the mind and body, giving you energy for the last night out. A really fun event at bachelorette parties.

If you and the bachelorettes are looking for a unique thrill and buzz, think about going to an indoor kart racing place. Race the bachelorettes around the track and be like Danica Patrick as you whiz by the bridesmaids. Some of these indoor karts can go up to 50 miles per hour. Do this before drinking anything.

Get your running shoes on and have the bride-to-be in her veil as you and the bachelorettes run in a marathon. There is nothing more stimulating than a great run. Just make sure to wear comfy running shoes and bring lots of water. After it's over, take a breather and rest for the night time festivities.

You will feel so great and energetic after a great run. Then you won't feel as guilty with all of the fun food and drink pleasures of the evening. There are runs throughout the country so pay attention to one near you that may have a cause and ability to make some money for a great charity.

Bachelorette Parties - Entertainment Ideas
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